Holiday Classes

5-week Classes

December 4, 2019–January 7, 2020

These fast-paced online classes cover the same amount of material as traditional classes.

Course Name Instructor
BIO-155-OLH (View syllabus) Nutrition Eisenberg, S.
CIS-110-OLH (View syllabus) Introduction to Computers Cherry, G.
HEA-110-OLH (View Syllabus) Personal Health/Wellness Gaddy, M.
HUM-115-OLH (View syllabus) Critical Thinking Coltraine, L.
HUM-120-OLH (View Syllabus) Cultural Studies Mehle, C.
MUS-110-OLH (View syllabus) Music Appreciation Davis, D.
PHI-240-OLH (View syllabus) Introduction to Ethics Henderson, J.
POL-120-OLH (View syllabus) American Government Morgan, E.
PSY-150-OLH (View syllabus) General Psychology Poole, J.
SOC-210-OLH (View syllabus) Introduction to Sociology Hutton, S.