Eight-week Classes

Register now for 8-week classes that meet October 20-December 17, 2020.

Choose from 20 courses, including general education courses that transfer to four-year universities.

Course Name
ACA-111-OL3 College Student Success
ACA-122-OL3 College Transfer Success
ACC-152-OL1 Advanced Software Applications
ART-111-OL5 Art Appreciation
CIS-110-OL7 Introduction to Computers
EDU-145-RW1 Child Development II
EDU-145-TW1 Child Development II
EDU-184-RH1 Early Child Intro Practicum
EDU-184-TH1 Early Child Intro Practicum
ENG-111-OL4 Writing and Inquiry
GIS-110-OL2 Survey of GIS/GPS
INT-110-OL1 International Business
LOG-210-OL1 Fleet Management
LOG-230-OL1 Transportation Management
MED-122-OL4 Medical Terminology II
MUS-110-OL4 Music Appreciation
SOC-210-OL4 Introduction to Sociology
UAS-110-OL2 Intro to UAS Operations
UAS-111-TW2 Unmanned Aircraft Systems
UAS-115-OL2 Small UAS Certification

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