Spring Mini-Term Classes

Complete a course in half the time through 8-week classes, March 8-May 5.

Choose from 20 classes, 15 are online.

Section Section Name Faculty Name
ACA-111-OL3 College Student Success Bracy, Thomas Leon
ACA-111-OL4 College Student Success Sumner, Jesse Sherrod
ACA-122-OL4 College Transfer Success Howell, Teresa Benita
ACC-151-OL1 Acct Spreadsheet Appl Reeves, Joseph R
CIS-110-OL7 Introduction to Computers Cherry, George G
EDU-234-RW1 Infants, Toddlers, and Twos Derby, Jennifer H
EDU-259-301 Curriculum Planning Stocks, Mary J
EDU-259-OL2 Curriculum Planning Stocks, Mary J
EDU-262-OL1 Early Childhood Admin II Derby, Jennifer H
EDU-280-RH1 Language/Literacy Experiences Derby, Jennifer H
HEA-130-OL2 Health-Adult Sexuality Gaddy, Marek D
HUM-115-OL4 Critical Thinking Mehle, Carole M
LOG-220-OL1 Logistics Management Ellis-Kiser, Johnica D
MED-122-OL4 Medical Terminology II Gray, Carla Ross
MKT-123-OL1 Fundamentals of Selling Ellis-Kiser, Johnica D
MUS-110-OL4 Music Appreciation Bradley, Susan Cooperman
NET-226-OL1 Routing and Switching II Batts, Alma Denise
PSY-150-OL5 General Psychology Hayes, Kimberly Elaine
WLD-121-TW1 GMAW (MIG) FCAW/Plate Lynch, Warren Crowell
WLD-121-TW2 GMAW (MIG) FCAW/Plate Briggs, Joshua L

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Explanation of Section Codes