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New Classes Begin March 7

In an effort to meet students’ needs, new eight-week classes begin at Edgecombe Community College on March 7.

Fall and spring semester classes are 16 weeks long. The college has offered eight-week classes during the second eight weeks of the semester for several years. The classes are accelerated and cover the same amount of material as the 16-week classes.

Each semester, the slate of eight-week course offerings has grown. This spring, 74 courses are available and about 30 are online classes. Courses include topics in business, criminal justice, humanities, computers, math, early childhood education, human services, medical terminology, and welding.

According to Tony Rook, dean of enrollment management at ECC, “About half of our students are employed, so it’s important that we provide for flexibility in our schedule in order to meet their needs and the needs of students who might have other responsibilities that prevent them from taking a class that lasts four months.

“Also, these eight-week classes give students who weren’t able to get in and register for the 16-week classes an opportunity to get started on their college education.”

Registration is under way for eight-week classes. Contact or 823-5166, ext. 255.