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ECC Repurposes Offices for Part-time Faculty

Edgecombe Community College part-time instructor Regina Lyons says having office space dedicated to part-time instructors has been beneficial both to her and to her students.

When Dr. Greg McLeod, president of Edgecombe Community College, began his community college career some 17 years ago, he was a part-time developmental math instructor.

Typically, part-time instructors do not have private offices, and such was the case with Dr. McLeod. He recalls the challenge of finding a quiet corner on campus in which to work.

Last fall semester, when offices became available on both the College’s Tarboro and Rocky Mount campuses, Dr. McLeod repurposed several to be used as needed by the College’s part-time faculty.

“I well remember struggling to find appropriate spots to grade papers, review notes, and meet with students,” Dr. McLeod explains. “Furthermore, I know just how much we depend on adjunct instructors, so I wanted to make their time at ECC as comfortable as possible.”

Regina Lyons, who has been a part-time developmental English instructor at ECC since 1987, teaches one or two classes each semester.

“I’ve used the library and even the student lounge as a work space,” she says. “Having an office is very convenient and helps me work more efficiently.”

ECC employs 87 part-time faculty, but about half of these teach only online classes and don’t have face-to-face contact with their students. For those who do, the newly designated office space has made their work life easier.

“For me, it’s been a morale booster,” Lyons says. “I have always enjoyed working at ECC, and now, I enjoy it even more.”