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ECC Is Making College Affordable

Qualified Twin County high school seniors have an opportunity to receive a two-year community college degree for free.

Edgecombe Community College is currently accepting applications for its highly coveted EDGE Scholarship.

The EDGE Scholarship fully funds the education of qualified ECC students at the in-state tuition level. Current tuition is $76 per semester hour or a maximum of $1,216 for a full-time load of 16 hours.

The scholarship is open to students who will graduate in 2021 from an Edgecombe County or Nash County high school.

The application deadline is Thursday, May 6.

“Edgecombe Community College is a great value, but no matter how low the cost is, it can still be a burden for students and their families. The EDGE Scholarship makes a two-year degree at ECC affordable to everyone,” according to ECC President Dr. Greg McLeod.

“ECC offers guaranteed transfer programs to four-year schools, top-rated health sciences programs, and job skills training through technical programs,” he adds. “The college provides the EDGE Scholarship as well as other scholarships to assist students in completing their education and career goals.”

The EDGE Scholarship covers tuition, books, and fees for the recipients, who must be U.S. citizens. By meeting the requirements and remaining in good standing, EDGE Scholarship students will graduate with a debt-free community college degree.

To qualify for the EDGE Scholarship, students must have completed at least six credit hours through the NC Career and College Promise Program. Through Career and College Promise, high school students have the opportunity to pursue college credits – tuition free – while they are in high school.

In addition, a student must have an unweighted high school grade point average of at least 2.8 and must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Recipients have to maintain a minimum 2.6 GPA each semester, remain enrolled at ECC, file the FAFSA annually, and make continuous progress toward a degree.

The deadline for EDGE Scholarship applications for the 2021 fall semester is Thursday, May 6.

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