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ECC Introduces Eagle Mascot

The new Edgecombe Community College eagle mascot was introduced to the ECC Board of Trustees during an August meeting. Shown with the mascot is the Rev. Jerry Spruell, trustee chair. A student competition is underway to name the mascot.

Edgecombe Community College has a new ambassador, an eagle mascot.

In the 1980s, the college fielded a basketball team for local games and tournaments. The players needed a nickname and chose the eagle.

Over the years, the moniker has continued to be used to promote student events and activities.

Last year, Dean of Students Samanthia Phillips began an effort to bring the eagle to life. First, she brought in an artist to create renderings of how the mascot might look, and then she located a company to create an eagle mascot uniform.

The new mascot was a big hit when it was introduced to the ECC Board of Trustees during an August meeting. The Office of Student Services is already getting requests for public appearances.

“We thought a life-size mascot would strengthen our students’ sense of belonging and engagement with the college,” Phillips explains. “We wanted a mascot that embodies the eagle’s soaring spirit and pride in ECC, and we love the outcome!”

Phillips and her team have launched a competition among students to name the mascot. The student who submits the winning entry will receive a $50 gift card. Students are asked to send their best ideas to by Sunday, September 26.

The college also is seeking a student to wear the mascot uniform. Toward this goal, the Eagle Mascot Scholarship has been established to encourage participation. The scholarship will be awarded annually to a student who can represent the college by performing as the eagle mascot at campus and community events.

For more information about the ECC eagle mascot, please contact Samanthia Phillips at