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Advisory Boards Help Guide ECC Academics

Tarboro business leader Inez Ribustello delivered the keynote address at Edgecombe Community College Advisory Board Night on February 6.

More than 200 area leaders in education, health care, business, and industry joined Edgecombe Community College faculty on the Tarboro campus recently for Advisory Board Night.

The annual event was held February 6.

ECC advisory boards consist of professional leaders, community members, and faculty who are experts in the subject area of their board. More than 70 businesses and organizations are represented on the boards.

Inez Ribustello, owner of Tarboro Brewing Company and On the Square restaurant and wine store, provided the keynote address on the formation and development of Tarboro Brewing Company.

Advisory boards are in place for twenty-eight program areas of the College, such as Health Information Technology, Early Childhood Education, and the Small Business Center. Six to ten members sit on each board.

Stressing the value of guidance and recommendations from advisory board members, Dr. Harry Starnes, vice president of instruction, told the audience, “We believe that the success of our graduates is driven by the relevance of their course work and experiences. Your input is key to giving our students the edge.”

Serving on the ECC College Transfer Advisory Board are (l-r) Robert Olewine, East Carolina University; Sheryll Wood, dean of ECC Arts & Sciences; and Jacqueline Fischer, Barton College.

Members of the ECC Lifelong Learning Advisory Board are (l-r) Quay Canady; Latasha Sledge; Brenda Cogdell; Lisa Purkett-Harrell; Brittany Harrelson, ECC administrative assistant; Sylvia Hinton-Grant, ECC HRD director; Woodra Harrell, and Milton Harrell.