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Facilities Maintenance Worker/Electrical Systems Technology Programs

Available: August 2019

Job Summary

  • Provide quality learning opportunities that assist students in meeting their educational goals and career aspirations. Faculty are responsible for the quality of the educational program. 9 month position.
  • Collaborate with other faculty and program chair in development, implementation, and evaluation of the program curriculum.
  • Accept responsibility for the course content (made clear in the course syllabi), and delivery of the course content in flexible section format for all courses assigned.
  • Follow the course description set forth in the common course library, integrating when appropriate:
    1. Advisory committee recommendations,
    2. Needs of the market place,
    3. Writing for learning, and
    4. Input from appropriate faculty.
  • Arrange for the acquisition and/or preparation of materials and equipment necessary to meet the course objectives.
  • Maintain order of classrooms and labs.
  • Ensure proper storage of materials and equipment at the end of each lab session.
  • Prepare, distribute, and review with students the first week of class a course syllabus that outlines clear and reasonable learning outcomes and expectations.
  • Implement active learning techniques and use a variety of learner- centered instructional strategies designed to assist the learner in meeting the objectives of the course. Such activities can include, but are not limited to:
    1. Cooperative learning,
    2. Experiential learning,
    3. Writing for learning, and
    4. Critical thinking initiatives.
  • Focus on student learning outcomes, taking into account the needs and abilities of the students and the mission of the college.
  • Be familiar with academic and social supports that benefit diverse groups.
  • Be supportive of students’ educational goals, and make reasonable provisions to accommodate their individual differences while maintaining the academic integrity of the college.
  • Perform other assignments, consistent with his/her professional abilities, as assigned by the program or department chair or administration in carrying out the mission of the Institution. These duties include, but are not limited to the following:
    1. Work with students, peers, and administrative and support staff in a
      professional manner that models constructive problem-solving (flexibility,
      preparation for required tasks);
    2. Ethical conduct (respect and courtesy, consistency, fairness); and
    3. Organization (proper attire, attendance, decorum); and adherence to college policies and procedures.
  • Post and maintain office hours as stated in the faculty handbook.
  • Be available for student appointments for advising and assisting students in achieving their educational and vocational goals.
  • Be prompt and accurate in the recording and reporting of student data information to include enrollment reports, final grade reports, and book orders.
  • Serve as an academic advisor to students.
  • Assist In the registration and orientation process.
  • Participate in college committees as elected or assigned.
  • Submit leave reports, time sheets, and other required paperwork by established deadlines.
  • Participate in professional development activities as deemed necessary by supervision.
  • Assist in recruiting activities when assigned.
  • Assist part-time Instructors when requested.
  • Work with the community in meeting the educational needs of our service area.
  • Work a minimum of 39 hours per week with a minimum of 30 hours physically on campus. In addition to the normal campus hours, attend ail mandatory meetings and participate in professional development and other campus activities (e.g. graduation, committee meetings, etc.).
  • Teach day, evening, on-line, or blended classes as required.
  • Assist in new course development as needed.
  • Assist with teaching of classes in the Electrical Systems & Facilities Maintenance programs.

Minimum Requirements

Meet all SACSCOC faculty credentials for this position; Demonstrable and verifiable proficiency and/or credentialing in carpentry, residential electrical, plumbing, blueprint reading, and safety


Associate’s degree or higher in construction or facility maintenance related field; teaching experience; experience with SkillsUSA or related extracurricular activities; professional experience in construction or facility maintenance related field; HVAC experience; unlimited EPA refrigerant recovery license

Application Procedure: To be considered for this position, each candidate must submit a completed Edgecombe Community College Application for Employment and photocopies of transcripts, licenses, and certificates to:

Human Resources
Edgecombe Community College
2009 West Wilson St.
Tarboro, NC 27886

Applications may be obtained from the receptionist on campus in either Rocky Mount or Tarboro, mailed on request, or printed from our website.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled but will be reviewed as they are received.