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English Instructor (Part-time)

Position: Adjunct English Instructor

Available: August 19, 2019

Job Summary

Provide quality learning opportunities that assist students in meeting their educational goals and career aspirations. Faculty are responsible for the quality of the educational program.

Essential Job Functions

  • Responsible for the course content and flexible sections and content of the syllabi for all courses he/she is assigned.
  • Follow the course description set forth in the common course library.
  • Maintain order of classrooms and labs.
  • Prepare, distribute, and review with the student the first week of class a course syllabus that outlines clear and reasonable learning outcomes and expectations.
  • Implement active learning techniques and use a variety of learner- centered instructional strategies designed to assist the learner in meeting the objectives of the course. Such activities can include, but are not limited to:
    • Cooperative learning
    • Experiential learning
    • Writing for learning
    • Critical thinking initiatives
  • Focus on student learning outcomes taking into account the needs and abilities of the students and the mission of the college.
  • Be familiar with academic and social supports that benefit diverse groups.
  • Be supportive of students’ educational goals and make reasonable provisions to accommodate their individual differences while maintaining the academic integrity of the college.
  • Be prompt and accurate in the recording and reporting of student data information to include enrollment reports, final grade reports, and book orders.
  • Teach day or evening classes as required.
  • Assist in new course development as needed.

Minimum Requirements

Masters degree with 18 graduate hours in English.

Application Procedure: To be considered for this position, each candidate must submit a completed Edgecombe Community College Application for Employment and photocopies of transcripts, licenses, and certificates to:

Samantha Spencer
Edgecombe Community College
2009 West Wilson St.
Tarboro, NC 27886

Applications may be obtained from the receptionist on campus in either Rocky Mount or Tarboro, mailed on request, or printed from our website.

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled but will be reviewed as they are received.