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Teresa Shackelford

Teresa Shackelford, 2020-21 Student Ambassador

Major: Healthcare Management Technology

Hobbies: DYI projects, gardening

Interests: Family, spirituality/church and community events

What influenced you to apply to the Student Ambassador Program? What influenced me to apply to the Student Ambassador Program was the ability to meet new people as well as the social benefits of encouraging students from all backgrounds, all experiences, and all areas of interest.

Why did you choose Edgecombe Community College? I chose Edgecombe Community College because ECC offered the Healthcare Management Tech program, clubs, and organizations within the community, in which anyone can find a sense of belonging and acceptance.

Where do you plan to be in 10 years? In 10 years, I would like to be part of the community in which I live; to serve as a resource and provide inspiration and assistance within the community with the ability to inform, educate, and empower; and to partner with community leaders to identify trends and create strategies that can change/improve existing healthcare services for the uninsured. Continue to be an advocate for ECC.

One random fact: I am a fan of soul music, Motown, blues, and jazz.