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Shakira Vasquez-Santiago

Shakira Vasquez-Santiago, 2020-21 Student Ambassador

Major: Radiography

Hobbies/interests: Watching the “Big Bang Theory,” taking care of my dogs

What influenced you to apply to the Student Ambassador Program? Leading is something I love to do, and I love to help other people. I know that as an ECC Ambassador I am able to represent ECC students and be a part of Tarboro and surrounding communities, helping in any way I can.

Why did you choose Edgecombe Community College? Edgecombe Community College has amazing people, and that is so easy to see because everyone is so helpful, always making sure that the student is taken care of. The two campuses are amazing, and I did not hesitate to become a part of ECC.

Where do you plan to be in 10 years? Working in the medical field, I hope to have finished my bachelor’s and possibly master’s as well. I hope to have a family and a big house in the country.

One random fact: I cannot swim.