Childcare Grant Application

Childcare Grant Application

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  • Childcare Assistance Program

    • Applications are currently being accepted for the Spring 2018 semester. All necessary paperwork is due by December 1. Fully qualified students will be placed on the waiting last and ranked by curriculum GPA, spring course load, and financial need. As additional funds for spring become available, students will be contacted in order of ranking for official acceptance into the Assistance program.
    • Only children under the age of 5 are eligible, and only if they are not yet enrolled in a public school system (e.g. Head Start or other public preschool).
    • Students applying for childcare assistance must apply for Financial Aid.
    • Students must maintain at least 6 credits of classes and a 2.0 cumulative GPA to be eligible for the program. In the event a student is no longer receiving funding, a student from the waiting list may take this spot. The program currently pays $100 per week for children under 2 and $85 per week for children 2 and older. Students are responsible for daycare costs above the amount paid through this grant.
    • The program is intended to fund students from October to May, not including the break between semesters. This will continue as long as the student maintains eligibility.
    • Daycare assistance is paid directly to the provider, not to the student. All children in this program must attend a licensed facility. A home daycare is acceptable as long as it is licensed by the state.
    • Students receiving assistance from other sources (such as Department of Social Services or Down East Partnership for Children) are ineligible for assistance through this program.
    • Childcare Assistance Funds are provided by a state grant. The grant amount varies from year to year; therefore the number of students served varies each year.
    • ECC does not have a daycare facility on site and does not endorse or assist students in finding daycare. The Down East Partnership for Children is a wonderful resource for this. They can be reached at (252) 985-4300.
    • Applicants will need to present proof of application for assistance with local Department of Social Services and The Down East Partnership for Children in order to be eligible for funding through this program. View important information about childcare in North Carolina online.

    For more information, please contact:

    Johanna Underwood
    Student Support Counseleor
    (252) 823-5166, ext. 263

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