Career Development

If you wish to speak with a counselor about career planning or career placement services, please make an appointment by contacting:

Camille Richardson
Student Services Counselor
Office 117, Barnes Building, Rocky Mount Campus
(252) 618-6700
Areas of specialty: Radiography, Medical Assisting, Career and Counseling Services, and General Information

Career Counseling assists students with the career exploration process, assessing skills and interests, exploring information about majors and subsequent jobs, analyzing resumes, and developing interview skills. Students are encouraged to talk with the career counselor to explore their interests and career options. The career counselor also has career resources to assist a student’s career search.

Students may visit the ECC Library to view career information. Ask an ECC librarian to point out the career section.

Students also may visit the helpful websites below to complete self-assessments; to view career information, labor statistics, and wages; and to obtain job search assistance.

Helpful Web Sites

Links to Jobs

Career Placement Services

The career counselor can provide assistance to students, alumni, and employers as it relates to career placement. The career counselor works with students and alumni to:

  • Enhance job search and career management plans
  • Assist in resume writing and mock interviews
  • Locate employment opportunities
  • Assist with career development
  • Obtain information about specific careers
  • Become more effective in job searches
  • Connect with employers and professionals

The career counselor can assist employers in recruiting students and graduates of ECC. Our students graduate in May, August, and December.

We are pleased to offer a new FREE online job placement service where students and alumni can post resumes and review job postings. Employers can use the site to post vacancies and review resumes.

The goal of our office is to aid employers in recruiting quality employees. We also work to build long-term relationships with each organization we serve. We value the opportunity to assist employers in meeting hiring needs. To schedule an opportunity to visit and/or recruit on campus, please call Career Counselor Camille Richardson at (252) 618-6700, or email

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