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  1. Assistance with completing admissions application
    1. New students
    2. Returning students not enrolled for one calendar year
  2. Computer access for completing and printing financial aid forms
    1. FAFSA
    2. Student Loan
    3. Scholarship Applications
  3. Assistance with completing New Student Orientation
  4. Help using Self Service
  5. Academic and Developmental Advising
  6. PBI Hub
  7. Student Planning training is available to students.

Academic Advising

All currently enrolled students are required to meet with their advisor during advising time. Current students cannot register without first meeting with an advisor.

The advising meeting is an important time to discuss course selection, class registration, and career pathways for a student’s chosen major.

  • Please print a copy of your midterm grades from Self Service and bring them to your advising appointment.
  • Students must contact the Advising Center to add or drop a class after a semester begins. Students will owe a minimum of 25% for courses dropped after the semester begins.
  • All students must meet with or contact their academic advisor prior to registering in Self Service.
  • Students who receive financial aid and register for a course not needed for a program of study will be subject to withdrawal and/or repayment of the tuition.

Summer 2020

Final Registration May 19
Semester Begins  May 20
May 20 – 26
Memorial Day Holiday (College Closed) May 25
Mid-term June 24
Student Break
(No Classes) 
June 29 – July 2
Independence Day Holiday
(College Closed)
July 3
Midterm Grades Due July 16
Last Day to Withdraw
(10-week Classes)
July 20
Advising July 20 – 23
Priority Registration July 27 – 30
Last Day of Semester August 5

Fall 2020

Registration Ends August 19
Semester Begins  August 20
August 20 – 26
Labor Day Holiday
(College Closed)
September 7
(First 8-week Classes)
September 17*
Last Day to Withdraw from First 8-week Classes October 1
Flip Day
(Curriculum Classes follow Monday Schedule)
October 8
Mid-term and Last Day of First 8-week Classes October 15
Fall Break
(No Classes)
October 16 – 19
Second 8-week Classes Begin October 20
Midterm Grades Due November 5
Advising November 9 – 20
Last Day to Withdraw from 16-week Classes November 16
Mid-term (Second 8-week Classes) November 16
Priority Registration November 23 – December 4
Student Break
(No Classes)
November 25
Thanksgiving Holiday
(College Closed)
November 26 – 27
Last Day to Withdraw from Second 8-week Classes) December 3
Flip Day
(Curriculum Classes Follow Friday Schedule)
December 1
Semester Ends December 17
Christmas Holiday
(College Closed)
December 24 – 31

Planning for Success

Learn how to use the new Student Planning module to track your progress towards graduation, create your ideal summer schedule, and check your financial aid status. View this guide to learn where to find Student Planning.

Student Planning and Registering

How to login to Self Service, use Student Planning as a tool for degree planning, plan and register for classes, access and print billing statement.

Adjusting Student Schedules

How to use Student Planning to adjust a student schedule during drop/add period and how to withdraw from a class after drop/add period.

Grades & Tax Information

How to view grades and print student tax information.


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