Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning engages in innovative community-based programming that fosters cultural and intellectual teaching and learning with an emphasis on creative expression, social interaction, global understanding, and personal satisfaction.

Lifelong Learning creates classes for diverse populations/communities based on need. These courses offer opportunities reflecting the needs of business, industry, professional and public service agencies, and community services.

Upcoming Classes


Class Name Description Course ID Date Time Location Fee
Upholstery Repair This program is designed to teach individuals the fundamentals and techniques of upholstering furniture. 45278 3/12/2020 6 – 9 PM Room 113, Fleming Building, Tarboro campus $70
Bob Ross Painting This course teaches proper use of the Bob Ross technique with the brushes and paints. 46581 3/14/2020 10 am – 2 PM Room 213, Fleming Building, Tarboro campus $60
Notary Public This course provides instruction to individuals who want to become commissioned as a Notary Public. 45903 3/23/2020 6 – 9:30 PM Room 173, Fleming Building, Tarboro campus $70
Advanced Photography This course is designed to help students take the next step from being a beginner to learning more advanced techniques and information about photography. 45744 3/28/2020 9 am – 12 pm Room 264, Fleming Building, Tarboro campus $70
Up and Running with iPhone Get up to speed with your iPhone with this class. Learn how to take advantage of your iPhone’s features. 46107 3/28/2020 9 am – 12 pm Room 262, Fleming Building, Tarboro campus $25
Education and Your Ancestors This is half-day course on the learning about resources regarding schools and educational records. 46316 3/28/2020 1 – 4 pm Norfleet House, Tarboro campus $25
Effective Teacher Training This course is designed to provide teacher assistants and substitutes with principles and practices of effective teaching. 46007 3/30/2020 9 am – 4 pm Room 255, Barnes Building, Rocky Mount campus $70
UAS Drone Intro/Public Safety This course prepares public-safety/emergency responders for small Unmanned Aircraft Systems /Drone flight operations. 46124 4/4/2020 9 am – 5 pm Room 167, Fleming Building, Tarboro campus $70
Basic Stained Glass – Copper Foil Method In this course students will learn the basics of cutting glass and will complete a small free-form project using the Copper Foil Method. 46134 4/18/2020 10 am – 1 pm Woodworking Shop, Tarboro campus $30

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Gwen Hyman
Program Administrator
Room 102, Barnes Building, Rocky Mount Campus
(252) 618-6684