Historic Preservation Trades

Continuing Education Schedule – 2021

Classes are held on Saturdays at the Norfleet House on the Tarboro campus.

Note: Genealogy courses will not be offered in Summer 2021 or Fall 2021.

Contact Monika Fleming, 618-6653 or flemingm@edgecombe.edu

Class Description Location Date Time Fee
Understanding Census Records Half-day course focusing on the various census schedules – population, agriculture, slave, and industry. Students will learn how to locate the records online or in libraries and how to use them for family research. Norfleet House 1/30/2021 1 – 4 pm $25
Local and State Records Half-day course on learning about state and local government and regional archives and resources. Norfleet House 2/13/2021 1 – 4 pm $25
Cemetery Preservation A review of NC laws concerning cemeteries, guidelines on recording and reporting cemeteries, and suggestions on cleaning and restoring damaged stones. The afternoon segment will be spent in several area cemeteries. Norfleet House 2/27/2021 9 am – 5 pm $50
Genealogy Websites Half-day course on learning about free genealogy websites and how to use them. Norfleet House 3/6/2021 9 am – 12 pm $25
Education and Your Ancestors Half-day course on learning about resources regarding schools and educational records. Norfleet House 3/6/2021 1 – 4 pm $25
Researching Property Learn how to do a house history using deeds, tax, census and related records help with a National Register nomination. Suggested Text – Houses and Homes Exploring Their History. Norfleet House 3/27/2021 9 am – 5 pm $50
Military Records Half-day course on locating and understanding military records for use in genealogy research. Norfleet House 5/15/2021 1 – 4 pm $25