Nurse Aide II Refresher Training

The student is required by N.C. Board of Nursing to be a Level I Nursing Assistant and to list with N.C. Division of Facility Services and N.C. Board of Nursing. Nurse Aid II Refresher Training (NUR3242) consists of primarily review and testing to assess student knowledge. Each student must complete course with passing academic and attendance requirements to maintain registry with N.C. Division of Facility Services and N.C. Board of Nursing. Hours and course content are dictated by above listed governing bodies.

Each class is limited to twelve (12) students who will be placed in desired class on a first-come basis.

Program Specific Requirements

  • One of the academic admission requirements.
  • Written documentation of high school diploma, official transcript, or equivalency.
  • Written proof of current listing on DHSR nurse aide registry. (Student must bring a copy from
  • The NA II refresher candidate is only eligible for the course in one of the two ways:
  1. The NA II must have been eligible for renewal of NA II Listing prior to the listing expiration.
    1. The NA II must have worked at least eight hours for compensation during the past 24 months performing nursing care activities under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.
    2. The NA II must have no substantiated findings of abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of funds on the DHSR Nurse Aide Registry, or
  2. The NA II has had a continuous period of 24 months during which nursing care activities were not performed for monetary compensation, but patient care activities were performed for compensation.


  • $120
  • Additional costs for textbooks or uniforms


Yahee Armfield
(252) 823-5166, ext. 293

Toria Moore
(252) 823-5166, ext. 174