Vision Statement, Mission Statement, College Goals

Vision Statement

Edgecombe Community College will be the choice for quality education and training.

Mission Statement

Edgecombe Community College is a comprehensive two-year institution dedicated to fulfilling the educational, training, and cultural needs of the communities it serves.

College Goals

GOAL I – To provide a comprehensive range of educational opportunities, quality training, and educational access to all eligible individuals in the College’s service area.

    1. Provide a broad range of Associate Degree, Diploma, and Certificate Programs.
    2. Provide a broad range of Continuing Education programs.
    3. Provide a blend of traditional, hybrid, and distance learning opportunities enabling students to meet their educational goals.
    4. Provide support services to assist students in meeting their educational needs and goals.
    5. Improve cooperative relationships with public and private schools, colleges, and universities.
    6. Stimulate and support economic growth in the Service Area through education, training, and retraining of its citizens.

GOAL II – To provide workforce development opportunities and cutting-edge technology training.

    1. Maximize workforce preparedness by fostering new collaborative partnerships.
    2. Assist economic development efforts by partnering in the recruitment of and training for new industry.
    3. Provide training leading to nationally recognized certifications.

GOAL III – To ensure measurable quality of services and outcomes throughout the College.

    1. Evaluate and ensure quality instructional services.
    2. Employ, retain, and support highly qualified personnel with diverse backgrounds.
    3. Provide efficient and effective facilities, equipment, resources, services, and learning environments.
    4. Provide a safe learning/working environment for all students, staff and faculty.
    5. Ensure, through a planned process, the College has clearly identified priorities, strategies for achieving goals and sustaining progress, and a means for evaluating their effectiveness.
    6. Employ effective leadership and sound management practices.
    7. Allocate funding equitably to meet these goals.

GOAL IV – To promote global and cultural awareness in our community.

    1. Provide community service activities and programs.
    2. Encourage study abroad programs and foreign exchange opportunities.
    3. Recruit, retain, and support students with diverse backgrounds.
    4. Raise community awareness of global issues including social equity by providing new learning opportunities and resources.
    5. Inspire the community, staff, and students to be responsible environmental stewards by modeling and advancing the principles of sustainability.

Approved August 2018