Wetlands Trail

Wetlands Advisory Board

  • George Anderson, ECC Sustainability Coordinator (Chairman)
  • Lynn Cale, ECC Associate VP, Instruction
  • Troy Lewis, Director of Public Works, Town of Tarboro
  • Freddy Whitley, ECC Plant Superintendant
  • Matt Butler, Environmental Projects Manager
  • Charlie Harrell, VP Administrative Services
  • Lee Peoples, Educational Coordinator, Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park
  • Bruce Panneton, Science Department Chair
  • Scott Kiser, Director, Natural Resources Conservation Service


The challenge presented to this group is to develop and support implementation of a plan for utilizing the wetlands area located on the ECC Tarboro Campus as a learning laboratory to benefit residents of Edgecombe County and surrounding areas.

ECC Wetlands Trail Map

Along the Trail