High School Students


Career Clusters

Many career preparation opportunities are in place for Edgecombe County Public Schools students during their high school career.  These career preparations are grouped within Career Clusters.  Career Clusters are plans to link high schools to upper level education and the workplace.  The clusters organize course work around career interest and career related skills.

High School Concentration

Beginning with the freshmen class of 2009-2010, it is highly recommended that students complete a concentration that will better prepare them for a career in the information age. 

A concentration is a grouping of courses within a career cluster.  Earning a Career & Technical Education Concentration requires completing 4 courses from a career cluster.  Because the concentration is a focused educational plan, it will prepare students for further study at a college/university or for direct entry into the workforce.

Courses can be taken at:

  • High School only
  • Community College only
  • Combination of High School and Community College.

Edgecombe County Career Clusters

The following are the list of clusters offered to Edgecombe County Public Schools high school students.  When you enter most of the clusters, you will see Edgecombe Community College Academies.  These ECC Academies are offered free of charge to all juniors and seniors during third and forth periods at the ECC Campus. (The following links require Adobe Reader.


College Tech Prep

This website is a tool by which Edgecombe County Public Schools students and staff can better their understanding of the opportunities available to our secondary students as they relate to the students’ potential career choices.

The Edgecombe County College Tech Prep Consortium is a partnership between regional Business and Industry, Edgecombe Community College and Edgecombe County Public Schools.  Edgecombe County College Tech Prep serves students from all Edgecombe County High Schools.

College Tech Prep is driven by the desire to enhance the quality of instruction and opportunities for students bound for an associate degree, diploma, or certificate from Edgecombe Community College.

The centerpiece our College Tech Prep program is the Academy programs which are ECC linked to ECC degrees.  Students take community college courses on the ECC campus during the third and fourth periods of their high school schedule during their junior and senior years.  Many students graduate from high school with not only their high school diploma but with an ECC certificate as well.


College Tech Prep Contacts

Edgecombe Community College

Kathy Webb
Early College Liaison and High School Coordinator
252.823.5166 x205


Edgecombe County Public Schools

Curtis Jones
Career & Technical Education Director

Jeff Gould
Career & Technical Education Instructional Management Coordinator

Shelia Porcher
North Edgecombe High School Career Development Coordinator

JoAnn Allen
SouthWest Edgecombe High School Career Development Coordinator

Cindy Bell
Tarboro High School Career Development Coordinator



College Tech Prep Academies


What is College Tech Prep?

The goal of College Tech Prep is to prepare students to enter the high wage, highly technical, and rapidly changing career fields available in the present and future workplace. College Tech Prep is a seamless educational program that begins in the ninth grade and continues through high school and into the community college and ends with the student obtaining a degree.

Earning College Credit

Students can earn college credits in two ways:

  • Articulated Credit
  • Dual Enrollment

Articulated Credit

With Articulated Credit, a student takes a Career & Technical Course at their high school and if the student makes at least a “B” in the course and scores at least an 80 raw score on the Post-Assessment at the end, they can receive credit for the course at a community college.

Edgecombe Community College has a local articulation agreement with Edgecombe County Public School which states a student who makes at least a “B” in the course and scores at least an 80 scale score on the Post-Assessment at the end, they can receive credit for the course at Edgecombe Community College.

Dual Enrollment

Students can take an Edgecombe Community College course at the college campus while they are enrolled in high school.  The student receives credit at both the high school and the community college.  These courses are not only from the College Tech Prep Academies, but any college/university transferable course as well.