Faculty Advising Program

Each curriculum student is assigned to a faculty advisor. The advisor assists the student in planning his or her educational program, registration, and adjustments to college life. Students should periodically check with their advisor concerning their educational progress. The advisor’s responsibilities are:

  1. To be familiar with the academic policies and procedures, degree and diploma requirements, schedule of classes, student handbook, and administrative faculty-staff resources, and to advise students accordingly.
  2. To see that the student completes the appropriate form each time he/she registers or makes changes in his/her registration.
  3. To consult with the student’s instructor and/or counselor in cases where the student’s progress in a course or program is in question.
  4. To take into consideration the student’s goals, past performance, work load, etc., in recommending or refusing to recommend the student’s course selection, load, grade option, and any changes, additions, or deletions thereof.
  5. To be available for student conferences at regularly scheduled times throughout the semester and at additional times during and just prior to registration.
  6. To keep accurate up-to-date files on each of his or her advisees.
  7. To observe the confidentiality of the advisor/advisee relationship.
  8. To be responsible for the verification of grade point averages for graduation applicants.
  9. To see that students have met all prerequisites before registering for specific courses.