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ECC Instructor Being Deployed


Army Reserve Chaplain (CPT) Paul Tolbert, a math/religion instructor at Edgecombe Community College, is being deployed this month.

Edgecombe Community College instructor and Army Reserve Chaplain (CPT) Paul Tolbert is being deployed this month to be the Command Chaplain for the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois.

The SDDC handles about 90% of the global distribution for the Department of Defense.

A math/religion instructor at ECC, Paul has been in the military since 2002 and was accessioned as a chaplain in the Army Reserves in 2007.

Previous assignments include the 108th Training Command Headquarters in Charlotte and the 2nd Brigade of the 98th Division near Columbia, SC, in 2008. In 2009, he deployed with the 595th Transportation Brigade. Though assigned to Kuwait, he spent time in Iraq and Afghanistan as well.

His primary responsibilities include performing or providing for the free exercise of religion of all army soldiers, their families, and army civilians as guaranteed by the First Amendment. As a staff officer, he advises the commander on matters of religion, ethics, morals, and morale.