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ECC Offering Two-Week Summer Theatre and Dance Camp

With the school year ending, parents are looking at summer camps for their children. With so many local options available - sports, nature, science, and others - Edgecombe Community College is offering a unique summer camp that caters not just to the young, but also to the young at heart.

The college is offering a two-week Summer Theatre and Dance Camp to students nine years old and older. “I know there is an interest from people who are older than college-age students - and some toward the older end of the spectrum like retirees,” says Roberta Cashwell, program coordinator of the associate in fine arts-theatre arts curriculum at Edgecombe.

The camp meets June 18-22 and June 25-29, Monday through Friday, at the Tarboro campus. Students can sign up for both weeks or for one, one-week session. Cashwell and Dirk Lumbard, lead dance instructor at the college, are directing the camp.

In addition to general lessons in acting, singing, and dancing, instructors will cover makeup, set design, costuming, production, and other aspects of the stage.

“I think it’s important that students be exposed to all aspects of the theatre,” Cashwell says. “Some people might think all they want to do is act or sing and dance, but they might find they have a talent in other areas.”

Cashwell and Lumbard, who have 70 years of theatre between them, have both performed extensively on stage. Cashwell, who directs the Tar River Players, has performed in regional and community theatres from Texas to New York. Lumbard has performed on Broadway and taught tap and theatre dance in the United States and Europe.

Both also have performed with and taught a wide variety of ages. “I think we’ll be flexible enough to meet the needs of anyone who shows up,” Cashwell says.

This is the college’s first summer camp for theatre and dance.

Classes will be held during the morning, followed by rehearsals in the afternoon, in McIntyre and Keihin auditoriums. At the end of the camp, students will show off what they’ve learned during a public performance on Saturday, June 30.

“We’ll be able to see how well we work as a team to create and perform a production,” Cashwell says. “Students will design, produce, and perform their own show in a public setting.”

Cost for the full two weeks of camp is $175; for one week, $100. No dance or acting experience is necessary to sign up. To learn more, contact Roberta Cashwell at 823-5166, ext. 218, or