Faculty (Part-Time)


Humanities, Sciences, and Mathematics Instructors (Part-Time)

Available January 3, 2012          

Summary Description: Part-time instructors needed for traditional classes in English, Communications, Science, Mathematics, and the Humanities.

Qualifications: Minimum: Must hold a completed Master’s degree in the subject you will teach (for example, English, Anatomy and Physiology, Mathematics, or Political Science) or a Master’s degree in another area plus 18 graduate credits in the subject you will teach.

Preferred:  The minimum academic qualifications plus the Career Readiness Credential.

Application Procedure:  To be considered for a position, each candidate must submit a completed Edgecombe Community College Application for Employment and photocopies of college transcripts, licenses, and certificates to the attention of the appropriate Department Chair:

For Humanities: Sheryll Wood   x165

Edgecombe Community College
2009 West Wilson St.
Tarboro, NC 27886                                             

For ScienceBruce Panneton   x374

For Mathematics: Tom Killoran   x366

                              Both at

Edgecombe Community College
225 Tarboro St.
Rocky Mount, NC  27801                                      
Applications may be obtained from the campus receptionist in either Rocky Mount or Tarboro, mailed on request, or printed from our web page at www.edgecombe.edu . 
Faxed or e-mailed applications are NOT accepted.