The North Carolina Advanced Manufacturing Alliance

Ten North Carolina community colleges, including Edgecombe Community College, have joined forces to form the North Carolina Advanced Manufacturing Alliance. One of the main goals is to help train displaced workers for high-quality jobs in many fields from electrical, electronics, and manufacturing to welding, healthcare, and biotechnology.

More than 35 of North Carolina’s most respected corporations are partnering with us in an unprecedented effort to provide fast-track pathways to good jobs for North Carolinians. In addition to certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees, students will earn Career Readiness Certification as well as the industry certifications that employers value and demand.

Together, Industry and community colleges are continuously improving education and training programs. Between these forward-thinking employers and the community colleges of the North Carolina Advanced Manufacturing Alliance, we are changing the way workers are trained and students succeed by:

  • Conducting a comprehensive skills assessment at the student’s point of entry to include interests and skill sets.
  • Offering flexible learning options, giving the student a customizable, on-demand program that meets individual needs, improving retention rates, and speeding time to completion.
  • Designing self-paced math, English, and reading mini-sessions that will accelerate the student from pre-college to college-level course work.
  • Providing student support services, including a Success Manager, to guide the student throughout the process.
  • Creating mobile learning programs to make the learning process even more flexible. Students will use a tablet computer to access online courses and thousands of educational applications and training simulations and to maintain communication with their Success Manager, instructors, and internship employer.
  • Matching student internships with industry and monitoring the benefit to both student and employer. Upon receipt of a credential, a student may be hired by the employer.
  • Developing a pipeline of students from high school to college and partnering with Career and Technical Education programs and Early College High Schools to bring additional students into the training programs.
  • Generating an online repository via iTunes University of courses, digital content, self-help, and manufacturing career guidance free of charge to students and the public.

Acquire the education and training that you need to join or advance in North Carolina’s rapidly evolving manufacturing workforce. Enroll today.

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Images from the Advanced Manufacturing Open House

For more information, contact:

Dr. Stan Garren
Business & Technology Instructor
252-823-5166 x287

Nancy Hobbs, GCDF, MSSC-CPT
NC Adv. Manufacturing Project Manager
252-823-5166 x231

Adapted from the brochure The North Carolina Advanced Manufacturing Alliance: Partnering with the U.S. Department of Labor and the North Carolina Community College System to Educate Workers for Better Jobs.