MyEdge Student Email FAQ

What is MyEdge?

MyEdge is a free service for ECC students powered by Google. It provides you with a branded ( Gmail account as well as access to Google Drive and Google Docs, Google Canlendar, and more.

Your MyEdge email address is your official student email address and should be used for all correspondence with your instructors and other members of the college community.

How do I get a MyEdge account?

A MyEdge account is automatically created for you when you enroll in curriculum classes at ECC.

How do I access my MyEdge account?

There are a couple of ways to access your MyEdge account:

  • Click on the MyEdge Student Email link  at the top right of every page on the college website.
  • Access your MyEdge account directly at Memorizing this link is helpful in the event that the college website is unavailable.

What is my username and password?

What is my username?  Your MyEdge username is the same as your WebAdvisor and Moodle username. You can find your username here. You will need your student ID (also known as your Colleague ID) or your Social Security Number.

What is my password?  Your MyEdge password is the same as your WebAdvisor and Moodle password. If you have not completed your initial account setup and enrolled in the EdgeID password management system, please complete the steps found by following this link, before logging into MyEdge!  

I still can't login!  Complete a Tech Support Request.

How do I change my MyEdge password?

Be aware that since ECC uses a single sign on system, any changes to your MyEdge password also changes your password for WebAdvisor, Moodle, and the EdgeID password management system.  You may change your password using the EdgeID password management system.

What do I do if I forget my MyEdge password?

If you have enrolled your account, you can use the EdgeID password management system to reset/unlock your account, or to change your password.  If you have not enrolled your account, of it you have problems using EdgeID, please submit at Tech Support Request.

What is my full email address in the MyEdge system?

Your full email address is your username followed by

Is my MyEdge account safe to use?

Yes, MyEdge email is safe.  Your MyEdge account is powered by Google and is accessed using a secure, encrypted HTTPS connection.  Your account is also protected by Google's anti-virus scanning and spam blocking technologies.