Innovative Problem Solving Using I-TRIZ

inventions on demand – even if you are not creative

Innovative Problem Solving with I-TRIZProblem solving in business, industry, and personal life has been around for ages, but the phrase “problem solving” is relatively new, and so is its application in today’s world. Edgecombe Community College is leading education in the field by offering training in a unique methodology called Innovative Problem Solving with I-TRIZ.

Edgecombe is the first community college in North Carolina to offer I-TRIZ, a method designed by a Russian engineer and researcher in the 1940s. TRIZ, an acronym for a Russian phrase, is commonly referred to as the “theory of inventive problem solving.” I-TRIZ theorizes that borrowing solutions and technology trends from other fields can solve problems in any industry or business.

ECC partnered with Ideation International, owner of the I-TRIZ methodology, to develop course material for innovative problem solving. The college is working with Dr. Ron Fulbright, chairman of the Department of Informatics at the University of South Carolina Upstate, to shape the material into a user-friendly class at ECC.

The program is delivered as a continuing education course for students, individuals, and industry clients. Student participants can bring their real-world problems to the class for solutions through the I-TRIZ methodology and tools.

Innovative Problem Solving with I-TRIZ will be offered on the college’s Tarboro campus. The 4 day class implements computerized training tools and 11 exercises. The class is open to anyone who wants to develop new problem-solving skills. Learn More...

The TRIZ methodologies can provide inventive solutions to the tough problems that remain after Lean and Six Sigma approaches have made initial improvement. Dr. Fulbright’s course material development has made the learning process for Innovative Problem Solving fun, intuitive, and ready for wide deployment.

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