Health Information Technology Post-Graduate Health Informatics Diploma

This program will provide professionals with prior Health Sciences degrees, healthcare work experience, and health informatics needs of the healthcare sector with the knowledge and skill sets to evaluate the healthcare environment of clinical practice, make recommendations for healthcare information technology (HIT) and related technology, and lead the implementation of HIT projects related to the collection, storage, and management of patient healthcare data within electronic health record systems.

Course work will include data collection, data sets, and data reporting for compliance, workflow analysis, and the system development life cycle with emphasis on impact in the practice, vendor selection process, training of end users, and appropriate skills and tools used to manage HIT projects.

This program will allow the student to be able to identify and explain data needs, capture methodology and retention of patient clinical data, perform an environmental assessment of data needs, prioritize clinical needs to determine vendor product selection, develop a plan for end user education and training, and create supporting end user training documentation. Career opportunities can be found within large healthcare organizations, physician practices, clinics, and vendor marketing, sales, and training.

Students must follow the HIT program progression policy.

Health Information Technology Post-Graduate Health Informatics Diploma Graduation Plan

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