Health Information Technology Ambulatory Billing/Coding Certificate

Medical billing and coding experts play an integral part in the medical industry and are key members of any healthcare facility. Medical billing specialists calculate charges, develop bills, prepare bills to be mailed to customers, and ensure that even the most complicated bills are accurate.

Skilled medical billing and coding professionals are in demand. Hospitals, private and public clinics, medical offices, chiropractors, optometrists, podiatrists, family doctors, nursing homes, children’s clinics, and other healthcare practitioners are looking for career-minded people to fill these jobs. 

Students interested in the Ambulatory Billing/Coding Certificate program must meet the Health Information Technology program criteria OR have a high school diploma or GED and a Silver Career Readiness Certificate. Students must follow the HIT program progression policy.

Graduates of this program may transfer eligible course work into higher level programs offered by the Health Information Technology program.

Health Information Technology Ambulatory Billing/Coding Certificate Graduation Plan

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