Health Information Technology Admission Policies and Procedures

Each step must be completed before proceeding to the next step. Admission into health sciences programs is competitive and is based on a points-based ranking system. The number of students accepted into health sciences programs is determined by space available and may therefore vary each term.

Step I - Application process (must be completed by June 1st for fall semester and October 1st for spring semester)

  1. An Edgecombe Community College Admission Application and a Health Information Technology Admission Application must be submitted to Student Services by June 1st to be considered for fall admission and by October 1st for spring admission. Subsequent dates for acceptance of applications will be established if space becomes available prior to fall or spring semester admission.
  2. Official transcripts of high school graduation records or equivalency and all post-secondary course work must be submitted. (Currently enrolled high school students are to submit a partial transcript at time of application. A final transcript must be submitted at the time of high school graduation.)
  3. Candidates must have completed all developmental courses and course prerequisite requirements prior to entering the HIT program:
    1. ENG 090/095 and RED 090/095 or an equivalent course with a C or better or achieve a placement score of 80 for Reading and 86 for Writing on the Accuplacer.
    2. Math 060, Math 070, and MAT080 or an equivalent course with a C or better or achieve a placement score of 55+ on the Numerical Accuplacer (MAT060), a 55+ on the Elementary Algebra Accuplacer (MAT070), and a 75+ on the Intermediate Algebra Accuplacer (MAT080).
    3. BIO 094 or an equivalent course with a C or better or achieve a placement score of 24. 
  4. Degree and Diploma applicants must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA in the following courses totaling 10 SHC:
    • BIO 168 (4 SHC), MED 121 (3 SHC), and HIT 110 (3 SHC) - or -
    • BIO 168 (4 SHC), MED 121 (3 SHC), and HIT 114 (3 SHC) for admission.
  5. Certificate applicants require meeting all non-math (ENG/RED) developmental pre-requisites and/or Career Readiness Certification Work Keys at Gold or Silver level as specified.
  6. Certificate students who decide at any point to pursue an HIT degree or diploma must meet the 2.5 cumulative GPA requirements.

Step II - Acceptance to HIT Program

Letters of acceptance with medical forms and program acceptance card will be mailed/emailed to selected students. The number of students selected for acceptance will depend on clinical space available. Applicants who are not selected on the first round will be placed on a waiting list. Students will continue to be selected from the waiting list until the program is filled.

Registration Requirements for Clinical Courses

Students who reply to accept an HIT slot must meet the following requirements by the date provided in order to register for class. Failure to meet deadlines will result in withdrawal of acceptance status and placement on the waiting list.

  1. Submit completed medical form. The physical exam section of the form must be dated within a time frame of 6 months to no less than 45 days prior to the first day of HIT clinical courses.
  2. The student must have at least an overall 2.5 GPA prior to registering in HIT classes.
In all health science curricula, students are assigned clinical rotations with area health care agencies. Prior to or at any time after admission, the health sciences student may be required to submit a criminal background check and/or drug screen.

Maintaining Online HIT Program Integrity

Graduates of HIT programs are required to submit a CAHIIM accredited school program code when registering for the AHIMA national “RHIT” examination. Submission of a program code validates to CAHIIM that the student completed the HIT course work at a specific school. Therefore, to maintain program outcome accountability, all HIT and OST course work must be taken at ECC once students are accepted into the HIT program.

It is recommended that the HIT degree program be completed in five (5) consecutive semesters and the HIT diploma program be completed in three to five (3-5) semesters. Degree students must complete the HIT curriculum within eleven (11) consecutive semesters; diploma students must complete the program within seven (7) consecutive semesters. For students not following the full-time program of study to complete the HIT degree or diploma programs, all general education and related courses must be taken prior to taking HIT prefixed courses. (HIT 110 and HIT 114, the exception). This will provide a greater opportunity for students to maintain the body of knowledge needed for success on the national “RHIT” exam and/or the “CCS” and/or “CCS-P” exam.

revised June 2012