Curriculum Distance Learning

Edgecombe Community College’s Curriculum Online Classes can be taken anytime and anywhere provided an individual has access to the Internet. Classroom attendance is not required. Online curriculum classes earn the same credit and have the same quality and standards as a face-to-face course. Support services such as the library, student services, and the bookstore are available online for the distance learning student. Financial aid also is available. Please refer to the Student Support pages for a listing of available resources.

Hybrid courses combine the traditional classroom and the Internet. Therefore, depending on the instructor, the student must meet on campus at certain times during the semester. Lessons are completed online. As with online classes, hybrid courses earn the same credit and have the same quality and standards as face-to-face courses. Likewise, support services are available online for the hybrid student. Financial aid also is available.

Moodle is the primary course management system used for the delivery of online and hybrid courses. Moodle can be accessed from the graphical link at the top of all college web pages or directly at

All distance learning courses are best suited for mature self-motivated students who have good study skills and who enjoy learning independently.

Distance learning courses can be found by looking for the following course section codes in the current schedule:
  • OLx - OL indicates an online course.  The x will be a number indicating the course section.
  • THx or RHx - T and R are campus indicators - Tarboro and Rocky Mount, respectively. H indicates a hybrid course. The x will be a number indicating the course section.

While numerous curriculum programs offer courses in an online or hybrid format, the following programs are offered completely online meaning students can receive a degree without ever stepping foot on campus!

100% Online College Transfer Option

Beginning Fall 2014, you now have the option to earn your Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree totally online within two years. For information, contact Dr. Harry Starnes at or (252) 823-5166 x221.
If you have any questions about distance learning at Edgecombe Community College, please contact:

Arnold Worsley
Distance Learning Administrator
Edgecombe Community College
2009 W. Wilson St.
Tarboro, NC 27886
(252) 823-5166 x281


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