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Edgecombe Community College is a statewide leader in the initial education and continuing education of law enforcement officers who specialize as K9 handlers.  Several Basic and Advanced K9 Academies are held each year during which law enforcement officers are paired with untrained K9 canidate dogs.  During the academies, dogs and officers work together to develop the skills needed to effectively conduct narcotics searches, building searches, and tactical operations.  The dogs learn how to protect the officers to whom they are assigned and how to react forcibly and appropriately to apprehend criminals.  Officers learn how best to interact with and use their K9 partners as a special tool in their crime fighting arsenal.  Courses are also offered on a monthly basis to address special topic needs and to offer educationally sound classroom and field-based updates and practice.

Current Course Offerings
* see Law Enforcement Training for additional general law enforcement course offerings   

For more information contact

Bernie Taylor
Coordinator - Law Enforcement In-Service Training/Director (BLET)
Edgecombe Community College
(252) 823-5166, ext. 175